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Value Sales Training | Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

Exceeding Customer Satisfaction (And Creating Customer Loyalty)

The workshop will answer:

  • What is our goal in exceeding customer satisfaction?
  • How do you breed customer loyalty by exceeding customer satisfaction?
  • Is satisfaction enough?
  • How do you exceed satisfaction with today’s customer?
  • What do you have to put in place to exceed expectations?
  • Where do internal customers fit in this paradigm?
  • What do you need to do to have a customer-centric attitude?
  • How do you build a relationship that overcomes a tough client’s attitude?
  • What steps are needed to implement a culture that exceeds customer satisfaction?
  • How to you rebound from a problem your company has caused?
  • How do you say “No” without causing damage to your customer relationship?
  • Six steps to winning over a difficult customer.
  • How will this new environment increase sales?