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Value Sales Training | Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

Building a Value Driven, Consultative Sales Approach

This one and a half day program will teach you and your organization how to develop a consultative approach with a value driven sales process. It will include tactical tools that craft a sale's cycle and educationally motivates your client to buy from you during rough or smooth times. Your competitors will not have a chance.

Learn how to:

  • position you, your offering and your company through the clients eyes as a value rather then a list of features and benefits.
  • offer a Value-process that rapidly cycles a complex sale into an earlier decision because of the speed which it outlines the pain and the remedy.
  • gain a permanent seat at the clientís planning table.
  • analyze an account and understand the dynamics that can affect your sale,
  • investigate the various people who impact the buying decision,
  • create a compelling strategy that captivates your client even when they are suffering economically,
  • build an executable plan, and create Tactics Inside the Planned Strategy (TIPSÆ) ó that drive the client to a self-close through cognitive processes.
  • Create an use cognitive questions and agendas that control the sales process.
  • Return with usable spreadsheet process tools that put learning into action.
  • Sample Internal Sales Process Templates: - CRM Templates
    • Selling Templates
    • Spreadsheets for Testing Win Probability Ratios
    • Account Profile Templates
    • Cheat-Sheets for Rapid Utilization